I.Knowledge of new car breaking-in

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Cautions in new car breaking-in period can besummarized:
1.Keep starting firmand steady, try not to step on throttles heavily, and do not make motors turntoo fast. Generally, the revolutions per minute may not be more than 3000. Ifit is an automatic gear, do not make them exceed 3500 RPM
2. Before a carstarts, the water temperature should reach 50℃ orabove. When it is started at alower gear, a higher gear will be changed after drive by 1 kilometer. The watertemperature should be controlled between 80℃ and 90℃ when it is driven
3. It is required tochange gears during travels. Do not use the same gear for long. Neither can youdrive a car at a low speed using a high speed gear or at a high speed gearusing a low speed gear
4. A car may not bedriven with too much load. During a new car breaking-in period, the lighter the carbody is, the better it will be, fortwo much a load will do harm to a car
5. Choose good roads.Try not to make too much vibration or shock or emergency braking. Beforebraking, you should use a clutch first. It is required to use high quality fueland engine oil. It is not advisable to use motor anti-wear additives.
6. Try not to drive acar too long. Many car owners love their new cars very much and drive them hereand there all day long. As a matter of fact, they will accelerate the aging ofparts and components in so doing, and there is much harm to new cars
Extra reminder in the new car breaking-in period:
1. Engine oil, coolingwater and tire air, etc must be fully prepared. There should be no leakage. Youmust make them full when you find when they become short.
2. Please performtimely repair in the case of abnormal noise in different parts. The effect onvehicles due to mechanical failure in the breaking-in period would usually bemuch greater than other mechanical failures.
3. Generally, theremust be alarm indicators on dashboards. There are even computers in some cars. Timelydetection of alarm information from dashboards and computers will make youbetter control the vehicle conditions.
4. The loading weightfor vehicles during the breaking-in period must not exceed 70% of the ratedload weight. Full load or overload will have great harm to different parts ofnew cars.