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        Yip's Chemical Holdings Limited("Yip's Chemical" or "the Group") was founded in 1971 underthe name of Hang Cheung Hong and became a publicly listed company in Hong Kongin 1991 (stock code: 00408). Since its inception, the Group has been focusingon the production and sales of petrochemical products which fall under threemain categories: solvents, coatings and lubricants. Over time, it has grown insize and become one of the largest chemical

          manufacturers in China and the largestproducer of acetate solvents globally. In recent years, riding on the tailwindbrought about by China's booming economic growth, the Group has implemented anumber of expansion plans that afford it economy of scale. It is expected that,respectively by 2013 and 2020, annual sales would reach HK$10 billion and HK$20billion. In the meantime, as an important means of sustaining improvements inthe quality of its earnings, the Group will keep on increasing investments inR&D.Yip's Chemical, headquartered in Hong Kong, has a Group R&D centrein Zhangjiang, Shanghai. Various manufacturing plants spread all over China andthe Group boasts a distribution network that covers all major provinces andcities while managing a staff of over 5,000 employees. The Group is renownedfor its quality products and services. Its well-known brands include Bauhiniafor paints, Bauhinia Variegata for inks, Golaxxo for specialty varnishes, DaChang for resins, Pak Lam Choice for digital electronic coatings, Hercules forautomotive and industrial lubricants as well as Pacoil for specialtylubricants.