V. Why does the pressure meter of engine oil show “red indicator”?

Published:2014-12-03 17:57:21Sources:This siteViews:1953

      In general cases, theengine oil system showing “red indicator” implies that the oil pressure in oilroutes is lower than the lower limit of oil pressure as required by thelubricating system for engines, and that acertain link in the component part of the engine lubricating system has someabnormality, and that the failure may be in the lubrication system at one orseveral parts. Generally, there are two reasons characterized by lubricatingoil and machines:

1. Reasons in respect oflubricating oil:

 (1) There is short of lubricating oil in oilbottom case, and lubricating oil standards are not suitable or viscosity is toolow;

 (2) Poor foam resistance in lubricating oilcausing mixing of plenty of air in oil paths; 

 (3) Engine oil pump films are broken makinggasoline leak into oil bottom cases having diluted lubricating oil; 

 (4) Due to damaged cylinder washers or crackedin linings or cooling water having leaked into oil bottom cases having diluted lubricatingoil.

2. Mechanical factors:

 (1) Improper adjustment to pressure limitvalve of engine oil, too soft or broken spring, or oil return valve leak;

 (2) damaged backing straps of filters for lubricatingoil, by-pass valves not sealed or broken spring or lack of pressure;

 (3) Oil inlet pipe joints for lubricating oilbecome loosed or oil pipes broken;

 (4) Engine oil pump end gap is too big, gearmeshing clearance is too big or the gap between bearings is too big causing toolow an oil pressure, or defects in engine oil pumps pumping oil;

 (5)  The sealing surface and the valve and pipe jointsealing lax, or lubricating oil tubing serious leakage or oil due to rupture;

 (6) Engine oil filter leakage or seriouscongestion and due to not timely cleaning andlubricating oil detergency, causing sludge deposition, resulting in seriousblocking filter;

  (7) Crankshaft main bearings, connecting rodbearings or camshaft bearing wear gap is toolarge;

  (8) Engine oil pressure meter or engine oilsensor (sensor) is not working properly ordamaged.

       In a word, any of the abovementionedreasons will lead to the “red indicator” phenomenon arising from too low a oilpressure in the lubricating system. If the car condition is better, and thereis red indicator phenomenon immediately after replacement of lubricating, it isgenerally related to the improper selection of levels of lubricating oilviscosity.

      The prerequisitecondition for the solution to the “red indicator” issue is to make sure ofwhere failures lies in the lubrication system. We must aim at such failures andfind correct solutions.