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         Yip's Chemical Holdings Limited ("Yip's Chemical" or "theGroup") was founded in 1971 and became a publicly listed company in HongKong in 1991 (stock code: 00408). Since its inception, the Group has beenfocusing on the production and sales of petrochemical products which fall underthree main categories: solvents, coatings and lubricants. Over time, it hasgrown in size and becomeS one of the largest chemical manufacturers in Chinaand the largest producer of acetate solvents globally. In the meantime, as animportant means of sustaining improvements in the quality of its earnings, theGroup will keep on increasing investments in R&D.Yip's Chemical,headquartered in Hong Kong, has a Group R&D centre in Zhangjiang, Shanghai.The Group boasts a distribution network that covers all major provinces andcities while managing a staff of over 5,000 employees. The Group has itswell-known brands including Bauhinia for paints, Bauhinia Variegata forinks.Yip's Lubricant Limited. was formed in 2012 by merging the two sistercompanies under the Yip's group, namely Bestlub Lubricant Co. Ltd. and DongguanPacoil Lubricant Co Ltd.Since 1992, the lubricant companies have startedproduction and sales of the premium automotive and industrial lubricatingproducts and specialties under the brands of Hercules and Pacoil.
          Hercules brand has wide range ofautomotive and industrial products such as petrol and diesel engine oil,antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid and methanolengine oil, the methanol engine oil is self-developed product which has beenrecognized by the National High Tech R&D Program (the Program No863).Pacoil brand is specialized in industrial lubricants and specialties, itsproducts are widely used in the industries such as electronic, home appliance,automotive manufacturing, bearing manufacturing, construction machinery, steel,container terminal, cement, toy, textile, metal processing, glass and cable,etc.Both brands have significant sales network across the country and alsobecome the famous and competitive products in mainland China market.